Antbear Guesthouse - Northern Drakensberg 

Northern Drakenburg

The Antbear Guesthouse

Antbear Guesthouse - Northern Drakensberg 

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If you've been telling yourself it's time to take a relaxing break in the Northern Drakensberg or you're looking to find a remarkable venue in the Northern Drakensburg, then it's time to discover Antbear Guesthouse.

Imagine a tapestry of towering mountain peaks and air that's literally as fresh as the mountain breeze.

Imagine the tinkling of crystal-clear streams and birdlife softly calling in perfect two-part harmony.

Imagine enjoying, far, far away from the big city atmosphere, the quiet comfort of an exclusive resort. We're just three hours from both Johannesburg an Durban, so before you know it you'll be sipping cocktails on the verandah, relaxing and revelling in the majesty of the Northern Drakensberg.

Couple this with superb accommodation, fine cuisine, indoor and outdoor activities in enthusiastic abundance.

Now you're starting to understand the Antbear Guesthouse in the Northern Drakensberg.

Whether you're on holiday or at a conference, our superb accommodation are guaranteed to ease away the stress.

After a wonderfully invigorating day, as the sun sets, imagine sipping sundowners the verandah in the midst of all this splendour.

From the moment you get here, you'll discover Antbear Guesthouse is all about flexibility.

You have the opportunity to treat yourself to our fine fare. You're about to discover a truly tantalising culinary delight. Enormous breakfasts, elegant midday menus and exceptional fare. The choice is yours. And it's all out of this world.

And when it comes to service you'll find the Antbear staff are happy and efficient. It's no surprise, then that Antbear Guesthouse is holiday venue that statisfies high expectations.

Indoors or outdoors, there's so much to choose from, A wonderful variety of sports and leisure activities.

Nearby are golf courses, tennis courts; there's also volleyball, mountain biking and, for ornithologically inclined, there are birds in brilliant abundance.

And the serenity of the Drakensberg, what could be more relaxing than the rhythmic swish of your line as you try to drop your fly on a nearby rise.

And all set in the magnificence of the Drakensberg's most beautiful scenery.


Antbear Guesthouse - Northern Drakensberg 


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